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How to Find the Best AirBNB: A Guide to Affordable Lodging

😴🛌 Urbanists! Many of you have asked about how to choose the best Airbnb in cities. Here are 5 tips I have for you:

1. Choose places rated 4 stars or above and that have at least 10 reviews. This is a great way to vet if the place you’re booking has an established good reputation. At all costs avoid places without reviews.

2. Consider how close the place is to the main sites. The great thing about Airbnb is that you can usually book places that are right next to all the tourist hotspots at much cheaper rate than hotels.

3. However if you want save money consider staying in a place that is a bit farther away from the city center but is still 5-10 minute walking distance from a metro stop. Also be mindful of the neighborhood, some are quiet and residential while others are vibrant and filled with restaurants.

4. If you want privacy and the entire place to yourself, be sure to pick “Entire Home”. Especially in groups, this can be very affordable. Otherwise staying in a individual room is a cheaper option for the solo traveler.

5. Many major cities usually have a wide selection available at all times, so don’t worry about booking too far in advance. I’ve personally have booked great places only a few days in advance. However many places tend to have a discount when staying for a week or more.

Hope this helps!

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