Urbanist is a show run by Ariel Viera that explores the places you won’t find in the guidebooks and the history you won’t find in the textbooks. We use the medium of short-form video, documentaries, vlogs, and livestreams.

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With great stories comes great responsibility. Stories have the power to shape our perspectives of the world; to establish connections through shared experiences; to be a driving force for change.

In an increasingly faceless digital age, storytelling is the key to building a personal connection with your audience. Without a story, your content is little more than a video reel without purpose, passion, or power.

I’m Ariel Viera, and I combine my filmmaking skills and storytelling expertise to create impactful short-form stories that matter. The type of stories that make audiences nod, raise their eyebrows, laugh out loud, and hit follow without a moment’s hesitation.

Focusing on short-form content since 2020, I adeptly curate scroll-stopping, story-focused content in as little as 30s and have established a loyal 1.5MM+ combined following within the history, architecture, and urban development niche.

Meticulously researching history, I tell stories that are fresh, multi-layered, and missing from any text or guidebooks and transform them into impactful and easily digestible content for socials. With an extensive background in video production and community management, I handle all aspects of content creation from research and shooting to editing, hosting, and distributing.

Throughout my career as a creator, I’ve made more than 3,000 videos in 30+ cities across the world and have had the privilege to create short-form content for NYCgo, Visit Stockholm, RiseNY, Bulova, Corcoran, Serhant, and Douglas Elliman.

I am a self-published novella author, a 2018 Shorty Award Finalist for Live-Streamer of the Year, and a music producer with 5 albums that seamlessly blend various genres to craft layered, story-focused scores.

Outside of work, I study spirituality and share my personal thoughts, findings, and experiences on Medium @thearielviera.

That’s my story – now let’s capture yours.

Find me: TikTok (@arielvera), YouTube (Urbanist Exploring Cities), and Instagram & Facebook (@UrbanistLive)

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Urbanist is not simply a travel show, it’s a show about exploration. We dive deep into the cities we explore in order to provide a vicarious travel experience unlike any other. The main topics we cover are:

  1. History
  2. Architecture
  3. Urban Development
  4. Food
  5. Culture